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Where we work

We are based in Galle, the southern part of Sri Lanka, and have mainly worked here. There are many beautiful venues and beaches in this area and excellent wedding organisers. But we are happy to travel anywhere, whether that is further afield in Sri Lanka or abroad.


Our photography style


With a background in photojournalism, we shoot relaxed, reportage-style photos of the day, capturing all the special moments as they happen. We prefer to use natural light wherever possible and avoid intrusive demands for wedding guests to pose for photos, unless they ask to, of course!


In order to be as discrete as possible, photographer Hugh will usually work alone on the day. 


We are very happy to arrange some formal (and less formal!) group shots and to dedicate some time on the day to take portrait photos of the wedding couple. We are here to make sure that you get the photos you dream of!


To that end, Hugh will always have a pre-wedding meeting with the couple in order to hear your ideas for how you would like your wedding to be photographed and to discuss any special requests you might have.


How long we work


On the wedding day Hugh will arrive in plenty of time to get photos of both bride and groom getting ready and will stay until the party is well underway. This usually means shooting for some 12-14 hours, roughly 11am to midnight. All he asks is a short break during dinner to eat some food!


Our editing style


Our aim is simple: To get the very best out of each photo. To that end we carefully select the best 250 to 300 photos from the day and work with the colour schemes and style of your set-up to bring out the atmosphere and feel of each moment.  It all depends on what you tell us about how you see the photos and how the wedding looks on the day. We will also select those photos best suited to be converted into black and white and include them in the final delivery.


What we deliver


We pledge to deliver between 250 and 300 fully edited photos within six weeks of the wedding. Editing including correcting and enhancing for overall colour and exposure, skin tone, blemishes, composition and fine detail, and processing the images from RAW through Photoshop to high resolution JPGs, giving the best quality end product possible. The edited photos are uploaded at full resolution to a secure online archive from which the couple and their chosen friends and family can download them unlimited times at any size for printing or sharing online.


Our fees


Please contact us so we can hear your ideas and work out a plan that suits you. 


Copyrights and printing


While Ceylon Photography retain legal copyright of all photos, the couple may use any and all of the finished edited photos for your personal use only for an unlimited time, without any restrictions.


You agree not to supply the photos to any third parties (including vendors associated with the wedding) or authorise any photos for commercial use or photographic competition or display, unless permission has been granted via e-mail correspondence with the photographers.


Our equipment 


We use a Canon 5D MkII full-frame SLR with a range of L-series professional lenses, flashes and lighting equipment.


How to make a booking


Please write us an email detailing when your wedding is planned and your requirements. We will write back to you and if we are available we will send a simple contract to be signed.


Cancellation or change of dates


On the rare occasion that you might have to cancel or change your confirmed wedding date we have what we think is a very simple and fair system in place. In case of the wedding being cancelled outright, Ceylon Photography will retain the deposit paid. However, if we are able to secure another booking for wedding photography on the same day we shall refund the deposit to you in full.


In case of the wedding being re-scheduled to a date on which Ceylon Photography is able to work then the deposit shall be switched to that new date and no extra charges incurred. However, if the re-schedule date is to a day on which Ceylon Photography cannot work due to pre-existing commitments, then we shall retain the deposit in full.

If you have any questions please feel free to 

Telling your story...

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